Fat Filters

Autologous Fat FiltersPopular and easy to use Container Systems


Available in 1 or 2 litre containers, this is a sterile, single-use, closed system for high volume fat harvesting sitting as a link between patient and suction pump.

The Aquavage container uses fluid to float and separate adipose tissue, this allows the removal first of the fluid portion and then the fat cells from the container via a sterile and closed method. Fat is decanted from the bottom of the Aquavage system and can be injected straight back to the patient – no need for a centrifuge reducing any contaminants.

Product Codes


We supply 100cc, 250cc 500cc.

Standard tumescent solution is infused. The Filtron unit is placed in line between the harvest cannula and the waste canister/suction source. Large volume units may be attached by the universal bracket to a sterile-draped canister stand. Small volume units may be placed in the sterile field. Suction pressure is reduced to 15”Hg and fat is drawn into the mesh filter within the canister. Waste and non-viable cells are pulled through the filter and are suctioned out to the waste canister via the removal tube. When the desired volume is collected, the FILTRON unit is then inverted and the transfer tube attached. The quality fat harvest is then drawn out directly into a luer lock syringe and is ready to re-inject. Sterile, fast, effective, quality harvest without exposure to ambient air.

Product Codes

The MPW 54 Centrifuge

50/60Hz- Separation of fat or bloods for PRP

3500, 5800 rpm or 1000*, 3500* rpm RCF: 1137, 3122 x g or 90*, 1137* x g

180 x 220 x 270mm Weight of centrifuge 230 V: 4kg


  1. LCD display
  2. 2 centrifuging speeds
  3. 1 acceleration/deceleration curve
  4. Easy operation
  5. Centrifuging time adjustment
  6. Continuous operation mode
  7. Small size
  8. Autoclavable barrel and tubes.


  • Lid locking during rotor run
  • Emergency lid lock release


Product Code
The MPW 54 Centrifuge
Pure Graft

A closed sterile system for the selective filtration of autologous grafts

The Puregraft filtration bags offer standardisation of result with ease of use. A very simple and ingenious system that offers superior separation of graft and allows the gentle preservation of the regenerative properties of fat.

  1. Simply add syringe harvested lipo – aspirate
  2. Wash tissue inside the bag with added lactated ringers
  3. Drain away filtered waste, including free lipids and contaminants
  4. Collect injection ready graft from the bag with your choice of luer lock syringe
Puregraft filtration bags


Cost effective, choose the size of bag that fits the requirements

Product Codes
Pure-50/PURE Grafts 0 - 100cc
Pure-250/PURE Grafts 50cc - 400cc
Pure-850/PURE Grafts 200cc - 1200cc
Fat Lock Connectors

Fully closed tubing and adaptor system for collection and injection of graft without syringes.

Red – One way harvest

Yellow – One way injection

Product Code
PURE-FLS Tubing and adaptors

Easel & Slider Set

For 250cc, 850cc

Allows easy positioning and superior gravity separation during procedure

Product Code
Triangle Unique Kit

Let us make life easy for you, we will create a unique kit for each surgeon/procedure and code it accordingly for problem free ordering.

i.e. Mr Smith / Small Volume Kit

  • PG50 – 50cc Puregraft Filter
  • VacLok – self-locking syringe
  • FatLok – Adaptor / tubing system
  • Cell Select Infusion / harvest cannula
  • 15FN – Facial injection cannula
  • 5 x 1ml BD luer lock syringes

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