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Triangle Surgical is a specialist medical distribution company in the sector of Cosmetics, Aesthetics & Reconstruction. Our focus is on designing, sourcing & marketing superior products that offer real advantage & advancement to the doctor.

As well as becoming market leaders with many established products of our own, we also act as sole representatives within the UK and have successfully launched many very well-known products for international brands.
With over 150 years of Plastic surgery supplies experience between our sales and service team you can expect expertise and guidance as standard.

Focus on Friendly, Honest Customer Service

Our focus is on designing, sourcing and marketing superior products that offer real advantage and advancement to the Doctor.We are a long established family run company with significant combined experience in this field and we take great pleasure and pride in our team`s outstanding reputation for quality of service and in-depth product knowledge.

Sourcing and marketing superior products

Our Range



Cetta - Simply the worlds best disposable cannula range &  Primo- Gold standard Autoclavable range

Fluid Transfusion

Fluid Infusion

Everything required for the successful and speedy delivery of tumescent fluid for Klein technique local anaesthesia

Fat Filters

Fat Filters

Sterile autologous fat filtration systems for re-injection preparation. Syringe harvest or direct pump harvest canister system



Optimum post surgical compression offering a real recovery ‘hug’. Technically clever garments, designed to be worn in comfort



Reduce procedure theatre time, using our reliable, powerful and quiet pumps for Aspiration and Infusion


Ultimate energy device for tissue contractor, ablation, cutting & coagulation



Beautiful plastics and reconstructive specialist instrumentation from trusted direct suppliers in Germany and the UK. Lighted breast retractors to full facelift sets. All at direct supplier prices

Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer​

Making clean, simple, sterile, autologous fat transfer possible. Equipment to compliment numerous surgical choices

Ancillary Equipment

Ancillary Equipment​

Everything required to meet the needs of liposuction and fat transfer but if its not here, please just ask


Our New Catalogue

Our new Liposuction product catalogue offers a full and extensive choice of superb products, enabling a one stop ordering option to treat patients from anaesthesia to post-surgical recovery.

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